Thursday, August 27, 2009


Peace be to all,First and foremost, the FIAT Youth Bintulu would like to congratulate to all youth that had been selected into the FIAT Youth Committee especially to our new president, Bro. John Jok and his assistant, Bro Raymond Steven. We all hope that our committee will work together as one family in order to achieve our mission and vision. We also would like to see more and more youth that will engross into our community so as to create one catholic youth that can work together efficiently.

On 8/8/2009, we had our first meeting to elect our new committee for the year 2009 - 2011.

Below is the list of FIAT Bintulu Organization for the year 2009-2011
President: Bro. John Jok Wan
Vice President: Bro: Raymond Steven
Secretary: Hilder HusunVice Secretary: Albert Tan
Treasurer: Gabriela Diana
Music Ministry: Jeffery Aaron, Ruddy
Outing Ministry: Mira Kuat
IT Ministry: Andy, Priscilla Meleanie
Food Ministry: Elizabeth KenunSport Ministry: Fildelis Raymond
Special Ministry: Walter Kajan, Collin Kuay
Liturgy: Marie May (Seminar), Sister Andrea

Therefore, we hope that our committee can work hand in hand with all youth members and also with the Youth Ministry from other nearby diocese. For your information, this is our new email address: and everyone especially the youth from different group can email to this address. This will be our official email from this year till 2011. Any thoughts, ideas, criticisms, or agendas from members or ministries can be issues here, whereby the committee will try their best to analyse and solve every problems and ideas

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  1. Shalom from,
    Congratulations on your Bintulu Fiat group. We, the webmasters of Miri Diocese website would like to welcome you to send us any photos of your activities so that all youth can all be connected within the Diocese. Please send them to us at